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Willows Ottie WALA 00023311

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Updated May 2024

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Ottie is our cherished foundation dam, the cornerstone of our successful Australian Labradoodle breeding program. This captivating miniature Labradoodle boasts a luxurious, fleece coat that's both non-shedding and hypoallergenic, perfect for allergy sufferers. Her sweet and gentle temperament shines through, making her incredibly loving and affectionate. Ottie's exceptional intelligence and easy trainability further solidify her as an ideal breeding dog.

We prioritize health, happiness, and well-being in our breeding program. Ottie exemplifies these qualities, being a demonstrably healthy dog with a happy and well-socialized disposition. Her lineage boasts generations of well-bred Australian Labradoodles, and she consistently produces healthy and beautiful puppies.

Inheriting Ottie's wonderful traits, our puppies are renowned for their temperament, intelligence, and trainability. Additionally, their non-shedding and hypoallergenic coats make them perfect companions for families with allergies.

Looking for a loving and loyal companion? Look no further than Ottie's puppies! They're guaranteed to bring joy and become cherished members of your family.


Meet Ottie: The Heart of Our Australian Labradoodle Breeding Program

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