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The Answers You Need

The cost of all puppies for new enquiries is £3000 regardless of size, colour or gender and can be reserved for a non refundable deposit of £250.

How much do you sell your puppies for?

The puppies will be ready for collection on the date they reach 8 weeks old, if this is a weekday puppies must be collected no later than the following weekend. The pups will be weaned and will have learned canine social skills from their mum and siblings and at 8 weeks will be ready for this to be continued in their new home.

At what age will my puppy be ready for collection?

We try to work with you regarding which puppy is best for your family circumstances also taking into consideration your wishes although this is not always guaranteed. Confident playful pups need a family with young children. A quieter cuddlier pup needs a home with older children or just a couple on their own.

Do I get to pick my puppy?

No, your puppy will not be vaccinated. Puppies need 2 vaccines one at 8 weeks the other at 10 weeks. The vaccine brands need to match, and vets use different brands (from pharmaceutical  manufacturers), if they can't be matched the pup would need to start the course again, this will mean lots of chemicals in your very young pup. Please do not allow your puppy to have the Lepto 4 vaccine.

Will my new puppy be vaccinated?

Aa a registered breeder it is my responsibility to have all the puppies microchipped by the time they are 8 weeks old, and to register myself as their first owner. The details will remain as South Downs Australian Labradoodles until evidence of Spey/Neuter has been provided, as soon as the evidence has been provided I will change ownership.

Will my new Puppy need to be Microchipped?

Your puppy will have been wormed at 2 weeks, 5 weeks and 8 weeks and we will provide you with a spot-on flea treatment to administer once you get home. We don't do it before because the pups are playing and licking each other, we wouldn't want the other puppies to get it in their mouth. Please never use an oral flea treatment, if you do your 2-year health warranty will be invalid.

Will my new Puppy have received a dose of Flea & Worm treatment?

Your puppy will be weaned on Abel raw and Royal Canin Kibble, we realise raw is not for everybody. If you wish to change their food, please try not to do it until they are at least 6 months old, or you could end up with upset tummies.

What will my puppy be fed on?

Your puppy will come with a bag of kibble, a voucher for a free box of Abel raw, flea treatment, brush, comb, scent blanket and a lifetime of support.

What does my puppy come with?

Yes by arrangement within 3hrs drive of Eastbourne and subject to a delivery fee of £100 + Fuel costs.

Are you able to deliver my puppy to it's new home?

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