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South Downs Otties Lottie
WALA 00065203

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This is the beautiful South Downs Otties Lottie WALA 00065203 basking in the winter sunshine whilst out exercising on Eastbourne's seafront. #SouthDownsAustralianLabradoodles

Lottie is one of our most popular breeding dogs, and for good reason! She is a beautiful, gentle, and intelligent dog with a heart of gold. 

In addition to her physical beauty and accomplishments, Lottie is also a wonderful mother. She has produced several litters of healthy and well-adjusted puppies, all of whom have gone on to find loving homes.

Lottie is a great example of the Australian Labradoodle breed. She is friendly, outgoing, and loves to play. She is also very intelligent and easy to train. Lottie is the perfect companion for active families and individuals who are looking for a loyal and loving dog.


Our stunning unusual lavender coloured Australian Labradoodle

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