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Therapy Dogs

Isaac is our therapy dog. He is a member of canine concern and has passed all his tests in order to become a therapy dog. Isaac is a gentle giant, very laid back and calm. Everybody that meets Isaac loves him. Isaac does care home visits and is part of the kennel club read to dog scheme. Isaac goes to our local infant school and the children read to him, he is usually known to fall asleep with his head in the children's laps.

The children think he is not listening so we have to say that he is concentrating on the story. It can be used to boost confidence and encourages the children to want to read and can also be used as a reward in school.

Isaac visits 2 local schools and has become an integral member of the schools. All the children on the scheme have met their targets and as a result developed confidence and self-esteem.

Australian labradoodles are so good in this role and it would be lovely to see some of our puppies taking on some of these roles.

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