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Regency Reds Amos
WALA 00044556

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Regency Reds Amos WALA 00044556 - JWUK June 24 Edit

A Sire of Exceptional Pups: Amos isn't just a charming companion; he's also the proud father of gorgeous puppies who inherit his fantastic temperament and stunning good looks. Amos produces puppies sharing the  exceptional qualities of his bloodline  and personality.

Social Butterfly:

A true social butterfly, Amos enjoys meeting new people and furry friends alike. This easy-to-train and well-behaved pup is a perfect choice for first-time dog owners seeking a loving and low-maintenance companion..

Hypoallergenic & Low-Shedding: Looking for a delightful dog that won't aggravate allergies? Amos boasts a beautiful, soft, wavy coat that's hypoallergenic and low-shedding, making him a great fit for allergy sufferers and families who prefer minimal shedding.

Agility Star: Did we mention Amos is a whiz in the agility ring? A quick learner, Amos is already excelling and sure to impress with his agility skills. His athleticism and trainability easily translate to obedience training, making him a joy to own.

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Meet Amos, Our Stunning Australian Labradoodle Sire

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