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My Story: From Dog Lover to Breeder

Looking for a joyful, hypoallergenic companion?

South Downs Australian Labradoodles connects you with stunning, ethically bred pups in Sussex.

My name is Debbie, and I'm a passionate advocate for these incredible "designer dogs." Since 2020, I've dedicated myself to raising healthy, happy Australian Labradoodles in a loving home environment.

My Story: From Dog Lover to Breeder

It all started with a life-changing encounter. When I met an Australian Labradoodle, I fell in love with the breed's intelligence, loyalty, and gentle nature. Soon after, I welcomed Isaac, a standard chocolate and white parti, into my life. Isaac, now a certified therapy dog, brought immense joy (and cuddles!).

A few years later, fate intervened again with Eli, a black medium, joining our pack. But the puppy yearning remained! Then redundancy led me to a new career path and I embarked on a journey as a home breeder, welcoming Ottie, a precious pup, into our family.

Then Amos was added to our breeding program, he is a magnificent stud, ensuring a rich and diverse gene pool to our breeding program.

Why Choose South Downs Australian Labradoodles?

  • Small, nurturing home environment: As a small dedicated home breeder each litter of pups has our full attention, dedication and love from day one.

  • Ethically bred, health-tested parents: We prioritise the well-being of our breeding dogs. All breeding dogs are fully health tested. These test include:- progressive Retinal Atrophy, Exercise induced collapse, Degenerative Myelopathy, Von Willebrand Disease and Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis. To be affected by the above conditions puppies must receive a copy of the mutant gene from each parent, this is why health testing is so important. Hips and elbows are x-rayed and sent to the BVA for scoring. Only dogs with good hip and elbow scores are used for breeding. Eyes are tested every 18 months by the BVA eye scheme. Please find our dogs pdf test results on each of their pages.

  • Lifetime support: We're here to guide you on your puppy parenting journey, every step of the way.

  • Gorgeous, authentic Australian Labradoodles: Prepare to be charmed by their intelligence, loyalty, and playful spirit.

  • All our dogs family trees are available to be viewed on request showing many generations of genuine Australian Labradoodles and our membership to WALA.

Ready to welcome a furry friend into your life?


We'd love to connect! Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming litters and how you can become a South Downs Australian Labradoodle puppy parent.

Debbie and her babies at Bo Peep Hill April 23 by JWUK

Raising Happy, Healthy Australian Labradoodles: The South Downs WALA Commitment

At South Downs Australian Labradoodles, we're more than just breeders – we're passionate advocates for the health and well-being of this incredible breed. That's why we're proud to be a member of the World Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA). WALA membership signifies our commitment to the highest ethical breeding standards, ensuring your future pup gets the best possible start in life.

WALA's core principles align perfectly with our own values:

  • Health First: All our breeding dogs undergo rigorous health testing for hips, elbows, and other genetic conditions before breeding, as mandated by WALA Rule 1. We openly share these test results on our website for your peace of mind.

  • Responsible Breeding Practices: WALA Rule 2 ensures we meticulously maintain breeding records, registration papers, and pedigrees for complete transparency. This allows us to trace each pup's lineage and understand their genetic background.

  • Preserving Breed Diversity: WALA promotes responsible breeding practices that maximize genetic diversity within the Australian Labradoodle population (WALA Rule 3). This helps ensure healthier, more resilient future generations.

  • Merle Coat Considerations: We follow WALA Rule 4 by spaying or neutering any Merle-patterned Australian Labradoodles we breed. This helps avoid potential health complications associated with breeding double Merle dogs.

  • DNA Verification for Peace of Mind: WALA Rule 5 aligns with our commitment to responsible breeding. We DNA profile all our breeding stock and verify parentage through DNA profiling before issuing pedigrees. This ensures you receive a purebred Australian Labradoodle puppy with a clear lineage.

Choosing a WALA breeder like South Downs Australian Labradoodles means choosing a breeder who prioritizes the well-being of their dogs and the future of the breed. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming litters and how you can welcome a healthy, happy Australian Labradoodle puppy into your loving home.

Mamma's Girl! Debbie & Lottie on Eastbourne Seafront by JonnyWattUK - Dec 23
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