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Amos flying high at the Heathfield Agricultural Show in May 23 by JWUK

We're Wagging Our Tails with Pride!

We're thrilled to announce that Amos, one of our beloved breeding dogs, recently achieved a fantastic win at the QSAT agility show! Amos isn't just about fathering lovely, healthy puppies – he's also an amazing agility dog, showcasing the intelligence, trainability, and athleticism that are hallmarks of the South Downs Australian Labradoodle.

This win is a testament to Amos's natural talent and the dedication of Debbie. It highlights the well-rounded nature of our breeding program, where we focus not only on temperament and health but also on fostering the inherent abilities and qualities of our dogs.

Congratulations, Amos and Debbie! We're incredibly proud of your accomplishment.

Please Note:

Amos and Alice will be having a litter that will be due early in the Spring of 2025 so now is the time to register your interest...

I am a lover of agility

I have a passion for dog agility, and for the past 4 years, I've been actively training and competing in shows. Agility is a fantastic activity that requires dedication from both dog and owner. While we introduce basic commands to our puppies from a young age, their physical development needs to be complete before they can tackle agility equipment. To ensure their safety, we wait until they've fully grown (typically 18 months old) before introducing them to agility obstacles.

Here at South Downs Australian Labradoodles, our dogs participate in weekly agility training classes. They absolutely love these sessions, brimming with excitement as they learn new skills and navigate the challenges of the course.

Looking for an active and intelligent companion that thrives on challenges? Our Australian Labradoodles are the perfect fit! Their eager-to-please personalities and athletic builds make them well-suited for agility training. Not only is agility a fun activity for both you and your dog, but it also promotes:

Excellent obedience and focus

Strong physical fitness and coordination

Mental stimulation and problem-solving skills

A deeper bond between you and your furry friend

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