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South Downs Otties Alice WALA 00081408

Alice is clear by parentage to diseases, her hip, elbow and eye tests will appear here when completed in 2023

Click below to download Alices' health score pdf

Alice is a homebred South Downs Australian Labradoodle puppy who is full of life and personality. She is a sweet and loving dog who loves to play and cuddle. Alice is also very intelligent and easy to train. She is the perfect dog for families with children and other pets.

Alice is a medium-sized dog with a soft, fleecy coat. She is a low-shedding breed, which makes her a good choice for people with allergies. Alice is also a very healthy breed, with a lifespan of 12-15 years.

Alice is the perfect companion for an active lifestyle. She loves to go for walks, play fetch, and swim. She is also a great travel companion. Alice is always up for an adventure.

If you are looking for a loving, intelligent, and easy-to-train dog, then Alice is the perfect choice for you. She is a wonderful addition to any family.


Our gorgeous, adorable medium chocolate phantom

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