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Australian Labradoodle Sire Bobby.

Fairy Tale Lanes Bobby 
WALA 00040202

Booby sired his first litter of beautiful healthy and bouncy puppies with Ottie in August. He will mate again in 2024. Please see our 'Planned Litters' page for further information.


He is a medium-sized dog with a straight fleece coat and a gentle, loving personality. Bobby is a super boy who loves to play and cuddle, and he is always up for an adventure. He is also very good with children and other animals.

Bobby is a wonderful representation of the Australian Labradoodle breed. He is intelligent, athletic, and has a sweet disposition. He is also very healthy and has passed all of his genetic health testing. We are confident that Bobby will produce healthy, happy puppies with excellent temperaments.

Bobby is a fantastic choice as a sire for your Australian Labradoodle breeding program. He has all of the qualities that you are looking for in a breeding dog:


Bobby is our beloved chocolate and white parti phantom Australian Labradoodle sire

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