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My name is Debbie and I am a small home breeder of genuine Australian Labradoodles. Shannon at Willows Australian Labradoodles is my daughter in law and has helped me on the road to my small breeding programme. When Shannon bought Willow for her breeding program we fell in love with the breed and set about getting our own puppy. After some research we put a deposit down for a puppy. in the meantime an older Australian Labradoodle came up for sale. We went to see Isaac and of course bought him home. Isaac is a standard chocolate and white parti. We were instantly in love and that is how it all began and our lives have changed so much for the better. A few years later another rehome came along, that was Eli, he is a black medium. Isaac and Eli are the best of friends but we still did not have a puppy. Life took another twist and i was made redundant from my job of 40 years. Shannon suggested i have one of her puppies and she would help me get on the path to the next chapter in my life so along came Ottie . Willows Australian Labradoodles and South Downs Australian Labradoodles bought Amos to add to their breeding programs.  I am a lover of agility so all our dogs are trained for the agility ring.

Our Therapy Dogs


Isaac is our therapy dog and is part of the Kennel Clubs read to dog scheme. Isaac visits local schools and the children read to him. It improves the children's confidence and ability. Isaac goes to school regularly and can be used as a reward for good behaviour or as a tool for confidence building and can help those that need an extra bit of help. Isaac does not judge the reading just lays down and listens. Isaac even went to crufts, who says crossbreeds can't go to crufts and he even has the picture to prove it.



Ottie is our red Australian Labradoodle. She is a miniature fun loving ball of fluff. She is so sweet natured and full off life and very easy to train. She keeps all the boys in check and flirts with them to keep them all on side. ​She is just starting out on her breeding and agility career.



Amos is our medium red Australian Labradoodle. At the moment he is only 5 months old but has settled in well with the rest of his doggy family. Amos is laid back and cuddly but loves to tease the rest of the pack by running off with the toys to encourage the others to chase him.​ Amos has just started to learn his agility commands and is learning really quickly.

Our Agility Dogs


All our dogs are trained for the agility ring. Isaac and Eli have both been competing at shows for a few years now. In the summer we are usually off with our caravan to week long agility shows. Isaac is usually good for a clear round but does not have the speed of the collies he is usually competing against. He does have many rosette's though. We also put Isaac in for many companion dog shows. He often wins best in show but his best achievement was best in show at Doodlefest.

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