Ottie is our first breeding bitch, we bought her from Willows Australian Labradoodles. She is the daughter of Willows Ruby and Willows Charlie.


Amos is a stud dog and is co owned by Willows and South Downs Australian Labradoodles he was bought from Regency Reds.

Amos is a bit of a giant fluff ball, he is just turning into adolescent, he is very focused on his training and always tries to please. He is loving his agility training and has a wonderful relationship with Sharon his trainer.

Ottie is a good time girl and loves nothing more than playing and running. Ottie is  a stunning red miniature and i am sure she will make beautiful puppies. South Downs Australian Labradoodles will keep a puppy from Otties first litter to add to our breeding program.

Bobby was bought over from America in 2020 by Willows Australian Labradoodles. It is wonderful to be able to have Bobby's genes in South Downs Australian Labradoodles breeding program.








Ottie Puppy.jpg