Amos is co owned by South Downs Australian Labradoodles and Willows Australian Labradoodles.  He lives here with us at South Downs Australian Labradoodles. Amos is only 5 months old at the moment but will be a large medium he is a stunning red with a white chest. He is very laid back and takes everything in his stride. He is a gentle giant. Amos comes from Kim at Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles. Kim is a Wala approved breeder. Amos loves playing with our grand children and chasing his doggy family. Amos is just starting out on his agility career and is a quick learner but he does only go at Amos's speed.

Red Australian Labradoodle
Australain Labradoodles listening
Australian Labradoodle swimming

Health Testing

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Regency Reds Amos
WALA 00044556

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Amos is clear by parentage for 150 diseases